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Hotel Services

We're very proud of our partnership with our venue, the Carousel Hotel, & all of the services they provide to us and our guests during the event! 

patio bar_edited.jpg

On-Site Restaurant & Bar

Whether you're eating with the family or having a good time with some drinks, the Carousel Hotel features a classy dining area that's guaranteed to have something for everyone, complete with an array of options for different dietary needs, and a custom menu made just for our event!

Beachfront View & Access

Our venue is located directly on the beach, with a beautiful outdoor area & view of the ocean. This gives us the perfect backdrop for our outdoor performances!

carousel beach_edited.jpg
carousel pool.jpg

Swimming Pools

Not a fan of the ocean? There's still plenty of places to swim! The carousel features both indoor & outdoor pools, perfect for any weather. Maybe you'll even meet some of our mermaids there!

Room Discounts

The Carousel has been generous enough to offer us an exclusive offer that allows our guests a discount on rooms! Just use the code "insert code here" at checkout when you book a room online!

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