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Dark Ocean

You're Invited TO Our

Tempest Ball!

Mermaid Knight 1.png

(Requires separate ticket & entry fee, only 150 tickets

Friday, April 12th, 8-11 pm

Live Music 

 featuring the Surf Rock Inspired Tunes of Medusa's Disco, The Steampunk stylings of A Halo Called Fred, and The Frolicking Fairy Folk of Brinjal!


Dress Your Best!

To keep the magic atmosphere alive, we politely ask that you refrain from wearing:

  • T-shirts or other casual tops

  • Jeans, sweatpants, basketball shorts, or other casual pants

  • Sneakers, slides, flip-flops, or other casual shoes

Become part of the magic yourself by wearing your own costumes & formal wear! We greatly encourage: 

  • Dresses, ballgowns, & skirts (of any length) 

  • Button-ups, dress pants, dress jackets, waistcoats & tunics 

  • Flower/seashell crowns, mermaid fins, fairy wings, animal or elven ears, cloaks & ponchos, corsets, steampunk hats & goggles, animal tails, & other accessories 

  • Fairy wands, wizard staffs, steampunk gadgets, etc. etc. 

  • Any other trinkets, accessories, or clothing that makes you feel fantastical!

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Costume Contest 2023
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