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Big Whimsy!

Big Whimsy is an entertainment group dedicated to bringing lots of life & magic to our event!

Stiltwalkers & The Tipsy Kings

Meet the Tipsy Kings, a band of giants that tower above all! They wander about playing music, telling jokes, and blowing balloons! Featuring our very own character Huxley, the Pirate Ringmaster!

more stiltwalkers.jpg


Brinjal is a sprawling band of many different instruments, songs, and cultural origins and inspirations. Their alluring melodies call for people to listen & dance!

Aubergine Fae

The Aubergine Fae are hypnotizing bellydancers, in tune with both music and magic! Some dances are slow and serene, some are full of energy and excitement, all of them are beautiful! Join them on Saturday, April 14th to learn for yourself!

aubergine fairies 2023 4.jpg


(Subject to change)

Friday, April 12th
8 PM-11 PM (Tempest Ball)
2 PM (Lilypad)
Saturday, April 13th
4 PM (Lilypad), 6 PM (Serpent)
None Scheduled
Sunday, April 14th
2 PM (Lilypad)
11 PM (Workshop, Lilypad)
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